Friday, December 30, 2011

Sheet (metal) for Brains

I don't think so.
Thatcher was many things (many of them not good) but she was capable and sentient.


Raoul Paste said...

There must be idiots in Minnesota.
At least in one district.

Beleck said...

being capable and sentient is not something i would describe as a "plus" when it comes to Thatcher.

Thatcher's capacity to destroy society and her planning and actions are proof that sometimes idiots are the "Lesser of Evil", is such a category exists.

The Evil intentions of Thatcher were effectively let loose upon the British people.

Anything good attributed to Thatcher is merely be an accident of fate. that she didn't do this or that because she was too focused on destroying British Society is not a "plus" in my book.

with nuts like Bachmann, it's obvious to all Bachmann would be unable to "get away with" the vast and greater evil of someone like the "Great Black Widow Thatcher".

so easy to call out/stop loonies like Bachmann. even the Owners/nuts on the Right won't let Bachmann lead/win the nomination. they know Bachmann is counterproductive to their goals.

Thatcher was the worst kind of evil. smart, deliberate and determined to destroy the middle class for the Rich. just like that great American Hero, St. Ronnie.

Montag said...

"America's Iron Lady"....

Most American's don't even remember Margaret Thatcher, let alone her PR spin-spawned nickname in Great Britain.

A lot of people in this country are going to think this is something about female professional wrestling.

mp said...

I'll always remember Britain's Iron Lady Thatcher as Ronnie Reagan with slight less saggy breastesses, and postponing diaperville by ~ 10 years.

DanF said...

"A lot of people in this country are going to think this is something about female professional wrestling."

LOL - Especially the low-information voters Bachmann is courting.

Anonymous said...

The majority of her voters won't have a clue about who Thatcher was unless they go see the damn movie.

I can only hope that the vacant ditz from Minnesota will be treated the same as Thatcher in 1990 - voted out of power BY HER OWN PARTY!

But I'm not holding my breath.


Ebon Krieg said...

I look around from my humble refrigerator box and am flummoxed by the lack of anything creative by our self-chosen leaders in all facets of what I perceive to be life (one less ordinary, but still a life.)

I don't want my MTV!

Is it me?