Thursday, December 22, 2011

You leave me the fuck alone 'War Horse' commercial

As a rule I try to avoid any movie so cloying that it attempts to make me cry in the advertising (for example "Starring Adam Sandler...and Adam Sandler", ok that one isn't cloying it just makes me cry).

So fuck you and your hoofed-Ol' Yeller Spielberg, fuck you.


Will said...

I think it takes guts to make a bestiality movie and release for Christmas, bravo Mr Spielberg

pansypoo said...

so, i should avoid old yeller?

MarkC said...

Spoiler alert!

Old Yeller bites Adam Sandler, who dies of rabies.

Andrew said...

I get it. War sucks. Big leap there, Steven.

I am sure it is well-made, but why would I subject myself to two hours of World War I? It was a horrifying mistake the first time around.