Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another error comMITTed

Right after June's disappointing jobs report, Mitt Romney went right out and stepped on the rake of bringing up his business background -- i.e. Bain just as it was going to become nearly toxic.

And never one to pass up an opportunity for self-inflicted wounds, he followed up the well-aimed mockery of the Obama "firms" commercial with one that shows he is running against a guy who can carry a tune.

And it wasn't just proprietary rights that were a problem. No, the whole point of the attempted message was to accuse Obama of cronyism. Which Romney's surrogates could not explain what it all meant.

And then, the same day, the biggest crony of all made the news:
Sheldon Adelson Biggest Donor To Romney And Republicans Did Business With Chinese Mob

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pansypoo said...

seems when the democrats had congress, job gains were increasing, then the teabags made sure the economy tanked.