Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Mitt's defense

Greta Van Susteren has long been Sarah Palin's main enabler (well, outside of serial masturbator Rich Lowry, God only knows what that guy is doing while watching women's volleyball), so I'm not sure I'd trust her complaint about Willard's treating the press like a "Petting Zoo".

Hell, I'm not even sure what that means -- I'm pretty sure being treated like an inmate at a petting zoo by Mitt Romney is one of Kathryn Lopez's sex fantasies...in fact her ONLY one.


jimmiraybob said...

He keeps trying to scotch tape paper cutouts of Sarah's head onto the player's bodies on the TV screen but they keep moving around too much. Nobody could have anticipated.

Damn volleyball.

pansypoo said...

mitt is better than everybody. kiss his ring. KISS HIS RING!