Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh that's classy

He really is a lot like Commander Bunnypants:
One senior British colleague used an anecdote from a rare corporate gathering at his Massachusetts home at the end of the 1980s which he claims summed up Mr Romney's character and management style. "One of our wives was sick – she had been pregnant and the delivery had not gone well," said the executive. "She had serious issues. Simultaneously, another wife of one of our colleagues had cancer. "As the wife of the first man was leaving the house, she was struggling," the former colleague recalled. "Mitt turned to her and said: 'Buck up - you could be like her,' pointing to the second woman."
Sums it up indeed.


Montag said...

Fitzgerald was right. The rich are different from us.

They are much bigger assholes.

Raoul Paste said...

The guy seems consistently indifferent to the suffering of others. Even his dog.

donnah said...

Oh, that goes beyond classy/not classy.

That's cruelty. Romney's a sick fuck.

Anonymous said...

I had to do a search on Jack Lyon, Sr. to find out who he was.

Jack was a Romney look-alike in "finance" and introduced Mitt to Prime Minister Thatcher, another shit friend of Ronald Reagan.

Jack Sr. got in trouble when he and his BFF's conspired to rig stock prices to their advantage. Sound familiar?

How did they get caught? Another BFF of theirs, Ivan Boesky, on whom the character Gordon Gekko was based, got caught in the U.S. and squealed like a stuck pig to cop a plea.

So guess where Ivan Boesky went to school?

Cranbrook Schools, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan!!!*

Cranbrook should be declared a terrorist Madrassa.

* <Not at the same time. Boesky is 10-years Mittens' senior.)

Anonymous said...

When Willard was granted his MBA, he thought it entitled him as Mormon Being an Asshole.

pansypoo said...

such a fine christian.