Friday, July 20, 2012

But as austerity's main goal if to fuck the lessers

It remains an outstanding success.

Of course, by any other standard of policy, it is a disaster wrought by a cult-like belief in disproven theories --- naturally it will not be the policies fault but some other (fill in nation, ethnic group, or just "the lessers" here).

Chancellor George Osborne's deficit-busting plans are struggling to keep up with full-year targets as official figures published today revealed another rise in Government borrowing.

Public sector net borrowing, excluding financial interventions, such as bank bailouts, was £14.4 billion in June, up from a revised £13.9 billion the previous year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.
But if you think about it all as a snake eating its tail, it is an AMAZING policy.

The first commenter on the linked story sums it up best:

Chris Horner 2 hours ago
So let's get this straight. George Osborne's entire economic programme, which has been a disaster from start to finish, has not even accomplished its one and only credible goal of significantly reducing government spending?

*slow clap* Full points for sticking to your guns, George, even if they are broken and rusted; after all, there is no plan B, right?

(via Atrios)

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pansypoo said...

what plan b. just keep doing what you BELIEVE IN.