Friday, July 20, 2012


The arrested suspect in the Aurora shootings is named James Holmes...that should narrow down those internet searches, hardly anyone with that name.

With a name like that, there are going to be all manner of folks with that named getting hassled and bullshit flying at 50000000 miles an our (so just stop).  Let's just compromise he's obviously an Occupy member who is also a Tea Party member, who reads Marx, Ayn Rand, and listens to Black Flag and Rush Limbaugh.


Montag said...

Ah, well, Louie Go(h)mer(t) has it all figured out--it's an attack on Christianity.

Sounds like he had a statement prepared well before the perp's name was released, and was too lazy to change it.

That, or he's even stupider than I imagined possible.

Anonymous said...

It's not just stupid.
It's Texas Stupid.

pansypoo said...

deep texass stupid.

Anonymous said...

Including Brian Ross from ABC

Anonymous said...

... the early snapshot of the man's background indicated that this act does not appear to be linked to radical terrorism or anything related to Islamic terrorism.

Good to Know !!!

Righteous Shoot then !!!

christ. can the amerikan media complex get any shittier / stupider ????

jimmiraybob said...

Romney (R-Romney Investors) pledged to the NRA at their St Louis convention that he would protect their interests.

I think that it’s a good time to remember that Romney (R-Romney Investors) has also openly mocked putting police and firemen on the streets and teachers in the classroom.

I'm thinking wild west anarchy.

Like the rest of the right-wing nut brigade (TeaBirchPublicans) he has no interest in governing or in trying to protect the general welfare of the nation.