Thursday, July 26, 2012

So much for Asshole-Saxon relations

Looks like the "Special Relationship" for Mitt involves cramming sessions on the short-bus.
Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, has questioned Britain's preparedness to host the London 2012 Olympics and asked whether the country is genuinely willing to "celebrate" the Games.
That will certainly help him with the Brits, dissing their big party. And then there is this...clearly those Bush-era advisers are working their magic:
He met Tony Blair on Thursday morning at the former prime minister's London office and also held brief talks with Ed Miliband, the Labour leader. In a gaffe of his own, Mr Romney referred to Mr Miliband as "Mr Leader". “Like you Mr Leader I look forward to our conversations this morning and I have had a number of conversations with leaders both present and past and recongise of course the unique relationship that exists between our nations,” he said.
Better download the latest software patch. What is especially hilarious about this is all these self-inflicted wounds are coming via The Telegraph, which is a conservative paper.

Remember Anglo-Saxon for Mitt is:  

Anglo International and Saxon Fifth Avenue

*Rim shot*


Montag said...

I don't think dissing the way the Olympics are being run is going to perturb too many Brits. Those that can have escaped to Wales and Ireland for the duration, and the London press is having a field day with the neverending procession of feeblemindedness and fuck-ups.

Sucking up to Tony Blair will piss them off, though. Blair's pretty much persona non grata in the UK, now that people have had a chance to see the damage he started come to fruition.

Will said...

I was going to ask why he is meeting with Labour Party members when I remembered New Labour...basically English Liebermans

Anonymous said...

I disagree Montag. It's a younger brother-older brother thing. I can make fun of him; but no one else better try.

For my 2-cents, after the disaster that was the Salt Lake City Olympics with its bribery, theft, and scandal, Americans, and Mitt in particular, should not be throwing stones inside glass houses.

Anonymous said...

RMoney is such a liar with his ads taking Obama out of context that I am convinced any "success" he may have had at Bain or the Olympics was from lying and cheating.

pansypoo said...

as the brits say-'BRILLIANT!'