Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally, a celebrity endorsement

One to build on Mitt:

Mitt Romney earned praise from an unlikely source over the weekend: Adult film star Ron Jeremy, who called the presumptive Republican nominee "a good man."

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Jeremy said he's voting for President Barack Obama in November. But he told the paper he still gives Romney "credit."
Oh, so close and yet no money shot.  But still good to know the Adult Film Industry recognizes their most faithful customers, the Mormons.

Fortunately, money shots are what foreign fund-raisers are for.


jimmiraybob said...

"...he still gives Romney "credit."

Dude, he's unemployed.

Oh,.... never mind.

merlallen said...

the dude does have a sense of humor, in an interview i heard he said the only woman who has ever slept with him in his life who wasn't paid to do it was his wife.

pansypoo said...

mitt just ain't got the gold.