Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frankly, it's a pretty awesome place

But Republicans sure hate Chicago-Style politics -- which seems to be normal politics done by black men from Chicago.

You know the kind that got Abraham Lincoln Chicago (well without so many black men at the time).

So that makes real sense.


Grung_e_Gene said...

"Chicago Style Politics" code words conservatives use when they want to rail on and on about that man in the White House.

Because prior to 2009 there never was corruption or tough political campaigns, unless some Not-American Liberal done it!

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Socialite. He was born in Kendra. He palled around with Bel Aires. His father was anti-colonial furniture. He was elected to the yell lawyer view. He attended the church of Rev. Wilber Orville Wright. He worked as a community oderizer. He was not, as he claims, born in Havarti. His death care plan is full of health panels. His job is killing regulations. He wants to tax bush cuts. He goes around the world Apollo-gazing for America and gazing in the military. He is a secret Museum who once wore a madras shirt and reads the Queen Ann.

pansypoo said...

good enough for dead voters