Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey, he's the one who thinks he is wearing magic underwear

Ah, old Republicans never fade away they just get to give spin:
Former New Hampshire Gov.John Sununu came to Mitt Romney’s defense Thursday in an evolving debate over whether Romney was in fact running Bain Capital after 1999, when he claims he left to run the Winter Olympics. Sununu is a Romney campaign surrogate.
The Obama campaign must think Mitt Romney is Superman.


jimmiraybob said...

Well, after today i'd say the special undies didn't provide any protection. If only Romney (R-Romney Investors) could just fire all the insubordinates that keep bring up all these unfortunate SEC papers and signatures and facts and numbers and such.

Looking forward to the circus that some are calling the TeaPublican Convention.

pansypoo said...

sun king.