Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nice of them to meet in a Bluth Company home

Dig that handsomely decorated fake fireplace, could you maybe meet in a place that has been occupied by humans?  Even with this picture I'm not sure it has:

Nice deep chairs too, apparently they do not have ass-support  -- why not just sit in beanbags?

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)


jimmiraybob said...

Prince Romney (R-Anglo Saxon America) is looking positively animatronic in anticipation of his coronation. "The new King of America will show em all how the Anglos and the Saxons roll" he said to the Leader, who sat as still as possible hoping not to draw attention.

jimmiraybob said...

And, having thought it over, there's no reason to think that Romney (R-Anglo Saxon America) won't make the best animatronic King that we've ever had.

The lack of empathy and conscience will make it possible to make the really hard choices. Like which citizens get the food.

donnah said...

Empty seats for empty suits.

A setting as cold and heartless as the man himself. So appropriate!

pansypoo said...

blair has been declared not powerful. no more proper photo ops.