Friday, July 27, 2012

What he says

Living through the great drought that is the Summer of 2012 (with extra special crazy ass heat) Charles Pierce is right, it is the great under-reported story of 2012.

Further, the ability of our politics, our media, and ourselves in dealing with it makes it extra tragic. But not in a shake your head way alone, but in a real and devastating way it will affect us into the future.

Deny Climate Change all you want, but in a few more years like this and we'll be in a famine and you cannot eat money.


StonyPillow said...

I begin to wonder if climate change is going to be one of those issues like gun-control where well-financed paranoia and heavily subsidized ignorance wear the political process down to the point at which people simply give up trying to fight them.

And then we all die of thirst.

Just the ones at the bottom of the scrum, Charles.

pansypoo said...

maybe we need to hear more about what climatologists say could happen. or is likely.