Saturday, November 19, 2005

Almost too Outraged

Hunter at Kos has a wonderful diary up. It pretty much agrees with much of what I was thinking yesterday watching the GOP launch a slime attack against Murtha -- one clearly directed by the White House.

I'll be honest with you. Some days, I don't like blogging. A quick look around the blogs will show idiot upon idiot upon blowhard upon liar upon racist upon CLAP LOUDER upon fool, stacked like cordwood at every IP address in use. Republican divinations of the Fitzgerald investigation -- which roundly expected Fitzgerald to indict Wilson, in a fever dream of antilogic -- were long ago enough to convince me that the value of internet punditry is worth far less than the collective electrons that contain it.

I ended up getting away from the television and going to a movie last night so I did not see all that Hunter saw. By the way, I was all dressed up in my Harry Potter wizard outfit -- which made it kind of awkward when I ended up seeing 'Capote'.

There are days when you really enjoy being a blogger because so much is going on. For example, when Fitzgerald finally released his first indictment. But there are also days when the dark nature of the current regime is revealed through their use of the same playbook they used to get us into this war. You know there are still folks out there that devour each and every bit of it into their slack-jawed maws. The seeming weight of what we are up against just depresses you -- any time you listen to the callers on C-SPAN you know how desolate the landscape can seem. It becomes too personal to really deal with.

And you fall into a prolonged period of being melodramatic and posting self-reflecting bullshit.

It can really be a trial.

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