Monday, November 28, 2005

The New Strategery for Disaster

In order to staunch the losses of 2006 (the Congressional ones, God forbid it be to staunch the losses of lives), the Bush Administration is considering a new way of fucking up Iraq -- using the American Air Force to drop bombs.

You know the kind of antiseptic, indiscriminate, video death that your averaged "tired", never serving war-whore like Glenn Reynolds (aka "Ernest T. Bass, ESQ") can get behind.

The Bush administration is considering a plan to put America's awesome airpower at the disposal of Iraqi commanders, as a way of reducing the number of US troops on the ground. The plan is causing consternation among commanders in US air force, who say it could lead to increased civilian casualties and lead to airstrikes being used as means of settling old scores.

According to an article in the New Yorker magazine by Seymour Hersh, the possibility of using airpower as a substitute for American troops on the ground has caused unease in the military, with air force commanders objecting to the possibility that Iraqis will eventually be responsible for target selection.

"Will the Iraqis call in air strikes in order to snuff rivals, or other warlords, or to snuff members of your own sect and blame it on someone else?" a senior military planner told the magazine. "Will some Iraqis be targeting on behalf of al-Qaida, or the insurgency, or the Iranians?"

What a lov-er-ly idea. Given everything that has happend, given the fact that it has become rather apparent that massive human rights abuses have occurred in what is clearly a civil war, the chance to drop a bunch of 500 pounders on some alleged "Shiite Dead-enders" with the nerve to have a funeral for the last batch of bombed Shiites is one that the Bush Administration clearly could not pass up.

Here, after all, is a chance to "blow stuff up real good" without American soldiers being clearly involved ... and therefore without any corporate press folks around to care. Broad based killin' without the grillin' -- what Right-Winger wouldn't masturbate to that?

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