Friday, November 18, 2005

You know they take the "Ladies" too

Oh, the Duch-ass of "Moron Junction", so toadlike and so vile:

I remain livid about Rep. Murtha. Whenever I have passed a TV today I have been told he's been a hawk—like until today. Take a look at that 2004 Murtha-Pelosi positioning. I don’t doubt the man is honestly concerned Iraq isn't going well. But I question whether we should all be dropping things to act like he is a new, news story. He's been here, anti-Iraq war. Can we be on the up-and-up about that?
Posted at 02:16 AM

It isn't just Jonah that could enlist. Although if he's the Doughy Pantload, Lopez is pretty much the Doughy Big&Tall Store.

So K-Lo any plans on dropping about 5 stone and signing up?


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