Tuesday, November 22, 2005


As anyone who has read this blog knows I need psychological counseling, or an intervention, or something.

But also, as anyone who has read this blog knows; despite my progressivity, I'm a sucker for the NFL (the ultimate Corporate/Socialist league). I grew up watching the Vikings lose Super Bowl after Super Bowl, only to mature into a person who has watched the Vikings lose games of lesser consequence (Gary Anderson nooooooooooo!)

I slept through the second half of the game last night -- comfortable in the knowledge I was missing the last hour and a half of John Madden's sloppy love sonnets to Brett Favre. Somehow the Vikings won a game over their biggest rival. By the way the NFC North, as it is now called, has great rivalries. It pretty much goes like this:

Packers hate the Vikings, Vikings hate the Packers;

Packers hate the Bears; Bears hate the Packers;

Lions pissed that nobody hates them enough, decide they will just generally hate everybody and take it out on Joey Harrington.

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