Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What's this?

A politician actually willing to meet his constituents when they might say something not only slightly, but clearly negative?

Mein Gott, what fresh hell is this? New Orleans dares to talk badly about the government:

"If they can destroy a country and build it up again, why can't they fix this state?" the woman asked...

...A man added, "It's a hard thing to believe that the United States of America is spending nearly one billion [dollars] per week in Iraq, and here, in New Orleans, the United States, we're being neglected."

"Why do we have to beg and plead with our president, our congressmen, our elected leaders to tell them that we need help, when it's on the media every day?"

Would that the Chimperor Disgustus actually deign to answer questions from real citizens that haven't been screened.

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