Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A worthy question

Like the original crack den, Firedoglake is the place to go for all things Plame, Fitzgerald related (except, of course, for the Patrick Fitzgerald topless justice 2006 Calendar*). I read this so-called "bombshell" in the Washington Post and then thought, wha?, this is a bombshell?

So, being one first-class lazy sumbitch I went on over to Firedoglake and saw what Jane or Reddhedd tell me to think. I know it's unfortunate, and sort of how my parents absorb FoxNews, but I was pressed for time!

Kind of amusing, really. The "sources" lie freely knowing that Fitz is leak-proof, and reporters keep printing the lies only to have their asses handed to them days later when another camp leaks and spins back. The reporters never bust their "sources" in order to preserve the privilege of being lied to. Fitzgerald finds new ammunition with every leak and the reporters just wind up looking like prize chumps.

Hey, that's just what I was thinking. Well, sort of.

*I just may have to photoshop up such a calendar and put it on CafePress

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