Friday, November 18, 2005

The War on Old Talking Points

There I was having another typical evening at home.

A quick game of "Cranium" with the dog, followed by our usual tea party (poorly recreated above, she loves her little bonnet), when what do I hear on the tee vee news but this statement about John Murtha from the little dummer boy, Scotty McClellan (yes that's right I'm getting ready for the season -- Hey, John Gibson HAPPY HOLIDAYS BEE-YATCH!). Sorry, my parenthetical digressed [and you know have enjoyable that is] Scotty-booooy said:

Press Secretary Scott McClellan says the eve of fresh Iraqi elections "is not the time to surrender to the terrorists." ...

...McClellan says the administration finds the change of heart "baffling". He says Murtha seems to have endorsed the views of anti-war filmmaker "Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party."

This refrain, of course, is as tired as it is inaccurate. First of all, Murtha is hardly Moore on the political scale. Second, of all Murtha is a military vet, a decorated one, who correctly pointed out 5 Deferment Dick is in no position to criticize (oh, yeah, Scotty I believe never served more than his metaphysical ass). Third, of course is 16 months after the release of Fahrenheit 911 all the Right Wing really has is "Michael Moore is fat". Anyone who has actually seen the film knows that Moore's goal is more than defeating Bush, it is keeping soldiers from being uselessly killed.

So all I can say is:

Michael Moore is a friend to all soldiers (and japanese kids in short pants)

Michael Moore, Michael Moore
Michael Moore is really neat
He is fat, but full of beef
We all love Michael Moore!

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