Sunday, November 20, 2005

Freeance via Black & Decker

Wow, we really must be winning now!!

British-trained police operating in Basra have tortured at least two civilians to death with electric drills, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

John Reid, the Secretary of State for Defence, admits that he knows of "alleged deaths in custody" and other "serious prisoner abuse" at al-Jamiyat police station, which was reopened by Britain after the war.

Militia-dominated police, who were recruited by Britain, are believed to have tortured at least two men to death in the station. Their bodies were later found with drill holes to their arms, legs and skulls.

The victims were suspected of collaborating with coalition forces, according to intelligence reports. Despite being pressed "very hard" by Britain, however, the Iraqi authorities in Basra are failing to even investigate incidents of torture and murder by police, ministers admit.

That's right, the POLICE recruited by the Coalition, drilled holes in people suspected of working with the Coalition!

Well, I guess it could be worse, they could be getting creative with a dremel. We could be looking at a collaborator turned into a coffee table or something.

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