Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Congratulations CNN

Lou Dobbs has now officially passed Glenn Beck on the crazy express. Apparently desperate to whistle through his dentures into stealing some of FoxNews most loyal viewers.

Here's a hint on when a guest is not credible.

When they cannot distinguish an elementary rudiment of the English Language, such as when the word "LIVE" is pronounced "liiiiive" and when it is pronounced "Liv".

But then Obama is a black guy so questions get asked that would never NEVER be asked of a white guy.

Believe it or not freepers, black people are not only people (I know, I know, hard for you to swallow) but many of them have been born right here, in America. Oh, the shock, oh the scandal.

So let us summarize.

Democrats trying to pass meaningful health care reform (well, most democrats at least) while Republicans watch their base find yet ever crazy conspiracies.

BTW, Barack Obama killed Vince Foster.

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