Friday, July 24, 2009

Somebody stick a lighted candle under G. Gordon's ass to see if he's still alive

The most hilarious G. Gordon Liddy appearance since this:

G. Gordon Liddy's Penis of Ultimate Justice!

Rated "M" for MY GOD!

"Hey Ladies. Style yourself for some fun in the sun with a famous felon?

Find yourself with a taste for hot candle wax and grilled rat?

Then look no further, I'm G. Gordon Liddy and along with my crack team, I have a "special delivery" for you ...

From L to R: Haldeman, Rebozo, Erlichman, Liddy, Mitchell, and Hunt

Single, desperate, and a quasi-fascist?

"Oh, Yes!...I mean "beep!""

Then make a date with me!! The King of the Plumbers, G. Gordon Liddy.

Romance and adventure is my middle name...after Gordon that is.

My plan is quite simple and straight forward.

I'll wine you.

I'll dine you.

I'll 1969 you!

I take all major forms of compensation, but prefer hush money.

I won't creep you out!

Well, maybe I'll "c.r.e.e.p." you out just a little.

So come on, contact me, and you too can ride the "Tricky Dick"!

Remember to email me, G. Gordon Liddy, Plumber of LOVE!. I'll make the waters flow from your gate!"

(original pictures from here)

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