Friday, July 17, 2009

Fuck You, New York Times

For four years, until The Times revealed the warrantless wiretapping, Mr. Bush reauthorized the eavesdropping every 45 days based on memos from the intelligence community and Justice Department. The report said that when the “scary memos,” as they came to be called, were not sufficiently scary, lawyers under the direction of Alberto Gonzales, White House counsel and later attorney general, revised them or ordered up additional “threat information.” Each ended with a White House-written paragraph asserting that communications were intercepted from terrorists who “possessed the capability and intention” to attack this country.

You forgot to mention that The New York Times concealed held the story about the warrantless wiretapping for thirteen months -- until after the 2004 election -- at the request of the Bush Administration. Now you whine about Obama refusing to open an investigation? A full accounting is certainly needed, but you have neither the moral or editorial authority to demand one, so fuck right off.

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