Friday, July 31, 2009

Sarah Palin

Has not yet begun to stop "quitting":

Despite an earlier announcement from a California Republican womens group, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will not be speaking to an event sponsored by the group scheduled for next weekend at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, a spokeswoman for her political action committee said Thursday night.

And we learn, in spite of her stiffing them, Sarah's fan club speaks in the same high-pitched, sing-song, illogical voice:

Sarah Palin loves Alaska & she has roots in southern California and our organization is very supportive of the troops! Palin also has a huge following in California, mostly folks who pay tribute to the Reagan legacy,” said Pat Saraceno, hospitality chair for the group. “Most of us view Palin as a ‘Reaganesque figure.”

A plus B then "support the troops", even though it makes no sense, always throw that last line in there.

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