Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soylent Green

Hey look at those socialized medicine countries letting their old people live and shit, we are not going to put up with that crap in this country if the insurance industry has something to say about it (and they do):

"People are living longer, and in some parts of the world, healthier lives," the authors conclude. "This represents one of the crowning achievements of the last century but also a significant challenge as proportions of older people increase in most countries."

Europe is the greyest continent, with 23 of the world's 25 oldest countries. Such dominance of the regional league table will continue. By 2040, more than one in four Europeans are expected to be at least 65, and one in seven at least 75.

The UK comes in at number 19 in the list of the world's oldest countries. Top of the pile is Japan, which recently supplanted Italy as the world's oldest big country. Its life expectancy at birth – 82 years – is matched only by Singapore, though in western Europe, France, Sweden and Italy all have life expectancies of more than 80 years (in the UK it is 78.8).

The United States, thanks to our policy of "free market capitalism" isn't aging nearly as fast -- so suck it old people!

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