Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clarence says something somewhat true

Stop the presses:

"So why do you beat up on people if you already know? I don't know, because I don't beat up on 'em. I refuse to participate. I don't like it, so I don't do it," Thomas said during an appearance before law students at the University of Alabama.

Not to reveal too much of my real life, but there is a tendency to pick on attorneys on occasion or for appellate judges to ask questions not about the case, but about the most nit-picky stuff to make themselves look smart or a lawyer ill-prepared. I've been lucky enough to avoid this situation for the most part, but I've seen it done to too many lawyers when I've attended arguments.

It's not that it is also false that some lawyers make bad appeals, write shitty briefs, and occasionally are poorly prepared and that shouldn't happen either. But sometimes the judge to the lawyer quotient is a little like picking the wings off flies.

On the other hand, Clarence Thomas hasn't asked a question on the bench in FOUR YEARS and essentially admits his mind is made up by the time oral argument occurs. That's NOT something to brag about.

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