Friday, March 23, 2012

As the sex-boat turns

Maybe the Mayans were just talking about the conservative media world in 2012?

* Pile of excrement in a 300 pound casing Rush Limbaugh suddenly has everyone notice he's Rush Limbaugh, and his world begins to unravel.

* Andrew Breitbart and his poor-mans Andy Kaufman routine ends with the most literal of homages.

* His successors push Breitbart's last great work of stupidity...OMG black men hugging!

* They follow this up by not knowing Bono from a Bonobo.

* And finally, well-known edited film auteur and Captain of the SS Dildo, James O'Keefe is facing a mutiny:

Nadia Naffe, self-described “accomplice” to conservative activist James O’Keefe , had begun publishing a multi-part tell-all series of posts to her blog. Thursday morning, Naffe published the second part ... includes documents related to a sexual harassment settlement between O’Keefe and “CNN Sex Boat Caper” whistleblower Izzy Santa. O’Keefe filed suit against Naffe on Wednesday to obtain an injunction against publication of those documents, and of emails that O’Keefe claims she stole from his computer.
Oh what could require an injunction?
...Plaintiffs statements on Twitter claim that the material is so provocative that it caused Andrew Breitbart to suffer a fatal heart attack.
Wait a minute, is James O'Keefe confessing he killed Breitbart?

In the billiard-room with a sex toy?  Or just from embarrassment?

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Montag said...

Oh, I think the O'Keefe reasons for injunction are sort of like the Monty Python "world's most dangerous joke" sketch.

Every wingnut who hears what an incredibly self-centered little prick he is keels over dead.

In his mind, this is a community service.

pansypoo said...

karma is a bitch. or a slut in limbaugh's parlance.