Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's all over but the counter-factual, illogical, allegedly bible-based screaming

Mittard Romney 3000 lost in Louisiana last night as 12th Century Jesus beat 19th Century New World Jesus substantially. But the Robot is up substantially in Wisconsin and then it is on to the Northeast so... it's pretty much over. But yet it will carry on, and at least that is something as Gail Collins points out:
The primaries have been great for the economy. Dimwitted billionaires are dumping money they don’t need into the campaigns of people who can’t win, providing much-needed jobs for ad-writers, poll-takers and yard-sign manufacturers. Do you remember, at the depth of the recession, when Keynesians kept saying that we could jump-start the recovery by just paying a whole bunch of people to dig holes and fill them back in? This is exactly the same thing! Keep going, Republicans!


StonyPillow said...

The stimulative effect is mitigated by the fact that most of the money goes to ads on television stations, which are mostly owned by multinational corporations.

However, I do believe Gail is being paid by references to Romney's dog. That has become a genuine stimulative effect on the national economy.

jimmiraybob said...

"'s pretty much over."

I don't know. I heard someone - MSNBC? - talking about a Santorum-Gingrich alliance. I guess I wouldn't be surprised to see a Santorum-Gingrich 2012 effort. If I were a TeaBirchvangelical Gopper, I'd demand a promise of Palin Snowgrift at Justice to round things out (can you say retroactive impeachment?).

Now that would be interesting.

Raoul Paste said... just paying a whole bunch of people to dig holes and fill them back in

If only this cynical propaganda campaign were that innocuous.

pansypoo said...

but it's not stimulating the real world. except for food service.

Anonymous said... just paying a whole bunch of people to dig holes and fill them back in

Faux News: filling up millions of assholes with horseshit.

Anonymous said...

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