Friday, March 30, 2012

Shocking I know

Conservatives hero Jurist, known for intemperate obscene foreign gestures while condemning claims things are in a bill that are not there and he's too damn busy with his lifetime tenure to read the bill to make sure.

What a truly insipid self-proclaimed intellectual titan.  Good thing I've made a career of respecting the law...saves Scalia from having to do so.

No wonder the right loves Nino Scalia.


jimmiraybob said...

"Aww, man! 10 pages?! A 10 page essay?! What can I write about for 10 pages? This isn't fair. Dumb English Composition class."

- Young Scalia at Mt. Holy Rosary of The Blessed Lamb Jr. High (summer school)

pansypoo said...

BUTBUTBUT fux gnews said it was!