Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Makes you wonder

Battle stress, and this, are not exactly good grounds for maintaining sanity.
There is no excuse, but there are explanations.


StonyPillow said...

The rest of the story:


Before he began military service, Bales was a career investment advisor who had defrauded a client out of $1.3 million. It seems he may have enlisted to avoid judgment in that case. He was also underwater on two mortgages initially worth more than half a million.

I have never met an investment advisor I would trust with a water pistol, much less my money or an M-16.

Frankly said...

broken combat vets? Thats unpossible|

Just a couple a weeks ago the wingnut'osphere was awash in poutrage about the image of the psychotic vet being a liberal plot. It was pushed by the liberals and hyped by Hollywood as a way to disrespect our brave fighting men and women.

Now of course they want to ignore the killing a few rag heads and the excuse is psychotic vet. NExt week it will all go back to a liberal plot