Thursday, March 29, 2012

What he says

Charles Pierce sums up the Justice from Koch Brothers perfectly:
It is plain now that Scalia simply doesn't like the Affordable Care Act on its face. It has nothing to do with "originalism," or the Commerce Clause, or anything else. He doesn't think that the people who would benefit from the law deserve to have a law that benefits them. On Tuesday, he pursued the absurd "broccoli" analogy to the point where he sounded like a micro-rated evening-drive talk-show host from a dust-clotted station in southern Oklahoma. And today, apparently, he ran through every twist and turn in the act's baroque political history in an attempt to discredit the law politically, rather than as a challenge to its constitutionality. (What in hell does the "Cornhusker Kickback" — yet another term of art that the Justice borrowed from the AM radio dial — have to do with the severability argument? Is Scalia seriously making the case that a banal political compromise within the negotiations from which bill eventually is produced can affect its ultimate constitutionality? Good luck ever getting anything passed if that's the standard.) He's really just a heckler at this point. If he can't do any better than that, he's right. Being on the court is a waste of his time.


Aaron said...

"he sounded like a micro-rated evening-drive talk-show host from a dust-clotted station in southern Oklahoma."
Living in central Oklahoma,I can not only vouch for the accuracy of this satement, I can tell you it would be accurate for ANY part of the state.

Oklahoma, It's not the end of the world....but you CAN see it from here.

Anonymous said...

He's an asshole - and, yes, I do expect him to read the whole "2600 pages". That is part of his job.

Scalia seems to think his job is to be a willfully ignorant rubber-stamp for the GOP.

Eric P.

Anonymous said...

after anointing W king, what do you expect?

Montag said...

So, Scalia, by his own admission, turns out to be whiny and lazy and partisan.

I refuse to be surprised.

pansypoo said...

the jesuits ignored jesus as well.