Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maybe Bobo Brooks should look a little more carefully

At the next Cato or Heritage meeting.
Serial killers are often charming, but have a high opinion of themselves that is not shared by the wider world. They are often extremely conscious of class and status and they develop venomous feelings toward people who do not pay them sufficient respect.
Like Atrios, one does have to wonder if this is a confession of some kind. Especially considering this:
...even people who contain reservoirs of compassion and neighborliness also possess a latent potential to commit murder.
I see Bobo got out his "Hobbes for Dummies" recently.

By the way, and perhaps related to Brooks barely suppressed desire to make a fine lampshade out of the skin of Frank Bruni, I cannot help but notice the pages of the NYTimes Editorial pages are often marked with this...
Roger Cohen is off today.
And while it may be metaphorically true for Bobo, it never seems to literally be.

He needs some time off to stalk and kill a hobo...or I have a feeling he's going to spree-kill it up all over the Sulzberger's new office carpet.


DrDick said...

Actually, that first quote sounds rather like a description of the Republican Party.

pansypoo said...

only in his head could bobo kill.

Anonymous said...

There are "charming" people with "reservoirs of compassion and neighborliness" - at Cato or Heritage?

Srsly? When the hell did that happen?

DrDick said...

Srsly? When the hell did that happen?

He was referring to the janitorial staff.