Monday, March 26, 2012

Movie Review

I watched "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" this weekend. It was pretty fascinating until Werner Herzog's Epilogue.  Those of you who have seen it know what I mean -- great moments in unintentional hilarity.

With James Cameron's trip to the Marianas Trench completed, I shudder to think what Werner Herzog's crocodiles would ponder -- according to Werner.


Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

Yeah, the epilog was a bit weird but frankly I was a bit let down by the whole thing.

The missus and I are just back from wintering in Nerja, Spain, which turned out to be home of another ancient cave rediscovered in the 1950's, which is believed to be the oldest discovered cave inhabited by humans... believed to be about 40,000 years ago. It only has a few primitive cave drawings, but we couldn't see that part of the cave.

arghous said...

Finally a movie where the 3-D was actually useful. I just wish he would have shown more than that one section of the wall (and with better thought-out music).

But mostly the movie was padded out. The idea of using a perfumer to sniff out other caves was an intriguing idea, but not for ten minutes. I wanted to hear more from the scientists, not just the one who was once a circus performer.

Then there was that epilogue, which, as you pointed out, was just silly.

MPK said...

I enjoyed the film for the most part. I thought one of the most interesting scenes was when the guy played the Star Spangled Banner on a replica of an ancient flute.

Music, it would seem, is universal and hasn't changed that much in 30,000 years.

pansypoo said...

i wanna see that.

pansypoo said...

i wanna see that.