Monday, March 19, 2012

Don't go Xenophobic with your shirt off

Puerto Ricans send a strong signal to Santorum to save that bullshit for Mississippi:


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Montag said...

What was quite hilarious was the aftermath of this election. Romney said to those that think the GOP is driving away Hispanics, "if you believe that, just look at Puerto Rico."

He said that about a Republican primary.

And, of course, he intentionally ignores a rather damning fact--the Republican Party of Puerto Rico is an unregistered party. In Puerto Rican election law, that is a party which failed to gain at least 3% of the straight-ticket party votes cast in the prior general election, or 7% of the party-label votes for the governor & resident commissioner, or 5% of the gubernatorial candidate votes.

Same for the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico. There are three main registered parties in Puerto Rico, and those are mostly concerned with the local governance of Puerto Rico, and sit on various sides of the statehood issue--the PIP (pro-independence), the PPD (pro-Commonwealth) and the PNP (pro-statehood).

Which means that the Repugs in Puerto Rico are essentially irrelevant electorally.