Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Too soon?

When is Dealy Plaza going to start selling bobbleheads of Oswald holding his rifle
Bobblehead dolls of the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln have been pulled from sale at the Gettysburg National Military Park visitors' center bookstore. The dolls of John Wilkes Booth with a handgun were removed from shelves on Saturday, a day after a reporter for Hanover's The Evening Sun newspaper asked about them, officials said.
Of course, who doesn't want a Charles J. Guiteau action figure when they add a depot to their train set.

I bet Cheney when he took off that parka at Auschwitz looked around for an Arbeit Macht Frei neon light display.

So, how about a Donner Party Snowglobe?

(pic via Shane Dunlap/The Evening Sun via AP)

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pansypoo said...

i'd get a donner party snowglobe. but only the donner party snowglobe.