Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey, that's mighty big of you

How awful nice of our 51st state:
Former defense minister Amir Peretz said on Saturday that a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities would be better if an outside actor such as the US carried it out instead of Israel.

"We should prefer an outside actor does it because Israel doesn't need to be confronted by the whole Muslim world," Peretz said. "We know that a minute after an attack, it will be comfortable for the Western countries to point a blaming finger at Israel.

If it's an American actor, the crisis will be smaller. We need to think about the day after."
I too have a plan.

How about neither do so?


StonyPillow said...

Restore Our Failure will have to get Willard re-elected for this to happen.

Unless Obama is convinced this is the best compromise position.

Raoul Paste said...

We need to think of the day after

Yes, it would be much better if reprisal attacks occur in the US than Israel.

JDM said...

I thought WE were paying them to do this. Why won't they stay bought? Gotta up that January 1 bank transfer. Let's ask AIPAC how much more is needed.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking of an old (B&W days) bit by the Three Stooges with one holding the door for the others:

"Here, allow me."
"No, after you."
"Please; I insist."
"No; I insist."

Then they all try at the same time and, well, just like this situation - hilarity ensures! Hey! What can go wrong?

DanF said...

How about neither do so?

Be serious Attaturk. Bomb we must, because well, because. It's what serious people do.

DrDick said...

How awful nice of our 51st state:

You have the structure of the relationship backwards. We are merely an appendage of Israel.

We need to think of the day after

So do we. We already lost a major office building and 3000 people to Israeli policies. If Israel cannot act like a responsible and moral international citizen, then we need to let them reap the whirlwind they have sown.

pansypoo said...

NOW they consider not making enemies?

Substance McGravitas said...

How awful nice of our 51st state:

Great, Canada's demoted.