Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Hi, I am a complete ignoramus and I'm not a afraid to show it -- VOTE REPUBLICAN!"

Ugh...for some reason I can take these morons when they live in my current State of residence, but it really bothers me when they are in the State of my birth and childhood.

Speaking before the State House was one Mike Frey, a "concerned Minnesotan and father and a husband," who appears to be under the tragically ignorant impression that A) only married people have sex, B) unprotected vaginal sex cannot transmit HIV because the vagina has a "barrier" that protects it from such diseases, and C) the mere act of unprotected anal sex (which only gay men have) causes AIDS.
In summary:

Vaginas, Vaginas
They're a magical box
They repel rapey sperm
But still lesser than cocks

Meanwhile your ol' colon
God made it for your poop
It is good with fibre
But is not with male soup


DrDick said...

I think we have all gotten accustomed to expecting more from Minnesota (perhaps it is the Wobegon effect) than from the Children of the Corn.

pansypoo said...


StonyPillow said...

On the other hand, there's Michele.

Anonymous said...

there seems to have been some kind of bubble of dimitude long hidden in mn. it draws in retards like bachmann and this idiot as well as some patriot creeps. they all seem to be breathing bible fumes and failing to read or learn. aversion to science and reality is becoming epidemic in the states and it's a little scary. thankfully, MN is usually self correcting. it's the bone deep cold that kills most of the vermin!

we can hope with this idiot. by the way, the committee ignored him and voted in the interests of same sex couples.


WallytheWineGuy said...

Another chapter in that great Republican male performance art piece- The Trans-Vaginal Monologues