Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Real hombre de genio

They sure hire the best and the brightest at FoxNews:

Fox's Bolling: Iraq War Was "The Smartest Thing George Bush Did, He Restored Confidence In America"


Montag said...

If that's what Fox is hinging Bush's intellectual reputation on, I guess they're saying that he's one mighty dumb muthafuckah, but the war was an awfully goddamned stupid thing to do.

But, then, the only people who haven't figured that out yet are at Fox News.

Athenawise said...

Yeah, sure. If he's so smart and singlehandedly restored America's confidence, why has he been kept pretty much invisible by the GOP?

pansypoo said...

fan boy.

P J said...

Thousands died. Millions ruined. Trillions spent. Real fucking smart.

Anonymous said...

bolling is a confidence man.

so was cheney. bush was the curtain for the "great and powerful oz"! and the scam left a stain on the world that won't wash out, no matter how much oil they pour on it. war criminals are like that. sick. twisted, and amoral. with fan clubs!


And I'm the Queen of Sheba said...

Bush's Iraq War and the financial meltdown--- just two reasons why the US is so popular round the world.

Anonymous said...

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