Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm just gonna believe what talk radio tells me

The Robed Troll:

It turns out Scalia’s comment was wronger than I thought — and wrong in a way that Scalia, in particular, should have known.

It relied, remember, on the idea that sociologists are, in some significant way, split on this question. That’s not what the American Association of Sociologists thinks. Here’s its official statement on the matter:
The claim that same-sex parents produce less positive child outcomes than opposite-sex parents—either because such families lack both a male and female parent or because both parents are not the biological parents of their children—contradicts abundant social science research. Decades of methodologically sound social science research, especially multiple nationally representative studies and the expert evidence introduced in the district courts below, confirm that positive child wellbeing is the product of stability in the relationship between the two parents, stability in the relationship between the parents and child, and greater parental socioeconomic resources. Whether a child is raised by same-sex or opposite-sex parents has no bearing on a child’s wellbeing.

The clear and consistent consensus in the social science profession is that across a wide range of indicators, children fare just as well when they are raised by same-sex parents when compared to children raised by opposite-sex parents.
Pretty definitive. And here’s the punchline: That paragraph isn’t buried in a press release on its blog or in an editorial from its trade magazine. It’s from the amicus curiae brief that the ASA filed in the very case Scalia was commenting on.

Although I do have to ponder to Ezra Klein the author..."wronger"?   Really?


DrDick said...

Come on now! Scalia does not need any of your pesky facts, he has a direct line to God and KNOWS the truth!

Yastreblyansky said...

"Ponder to"?? Ezra's righter than that!

StonyPillow said...

Scalia relies on noted constitutional scholar Rush Limbaugh for his facts.

pansypoo said...

the bible overrules the constitution.

Athenawise said...

Even judicial robes can't make Scalia look like anything more than my cranky, smelly Italian Uncle Luigi. He's an obnoxious know-it-all, too.

Anonymous said...

Conservative: one who knows more about climate science than climate scientists, more about sociology than sociologists, etc. etc.

There's even a conservative at who knows more about physics than Einstein, and has conclusively 'disproved' the theory of relativity.

So, if YOU know more than "the so-called smart people", congratulations! --- YOU may already be a conservative!

kingweasil said...

sounds like the ol' baffle em w/bullshit play

kingweasil said...

sounds like the ol' baffle em w/bullshit play