Monday, March 18, 2013

Quality in journalism

CNN tackling the difficult trauma and devastating effects that rape has upon the raper. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

IF this society taught boys and men NOT TO RAPE, there would be NO allowance for the attitude that boys who rape insensate girls are to be pittied for being caught.

Crawley's comment goes right to the bone of the perverse belief in our society that females are to be used and males are to be empowered.

no different than the odious anne and her "liberal women shouldn't hold office and women shouldn't vote" batshit crazy. the fact they can say what they do without being summarily shamed by EVERYONE, is far too telling.

if you are a human and you live, it's time to start teaching your children that rape is vile, and not to be tolerated. and rape apologists, need to be shut down verbally as the cretins of male privilege that they are!


pansypoo said...

CNN also pandered to the GWB/IWAQ war revisionist by connecting it to arab spring.

a pox on CNN. A POX I SAY!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the entire TV landscape has been so dumbed down over the past 20 years of so that this kind of idiocy seems almost "normal' or "expectable".

Ten years after the Iraq War's beginning would be an excellent occasion to fire all the idiots in the media who supported that idiotic war.

What better test of someone's journalistic credentials than the Iraq War?

And yet somehow in Dumbed Down Land, nobody notices or cares...

But getting back to this latest episode of idiocy, this Crowley woman should, as the price of her continued employment, be offered the opportunity to make a big fat apology to the rape victim and her family....