Friday, March 15, 2013

Nice try, care to make another explanation

Yes, former GOP Chair of the House Ethics Committee...

Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.), the former chairman of the House ethics committee, has responded to questions Mother Jones first raised about the all-expenses paid trip to a Kenyan estate that he, two other GOP lawmakers, and members of their families took in August 2012, claiming that he was visiting the site where the Oscar-winning film Out of Africa was shot in order to learn about supposed connections between poaching and Al Qaeda.

Damn you Bin Laden and your part in the Ivory Trade!

In future news, this guy probably went to Thai Strip Bars for the "Neil Bush Special" to learn about connections between underaged prostitution and Al Qaeda; and took his family to Bora Bora to discover how Bin Laden got out of there and into Pakistan.


--mf said...

Tora Bora. Not Bora Bora.

Attaturk said...


After nearly 9 years of writing this blog in the style I write it, I have to telegraph jokes?

pansypoo said...

asians need to be educated to change their desire for ivory + rhino tusks. AND THE FINE USES OF VIAGRA + CIALIS.