Thursday, March 28, 2013

Obviously the problem is illegal immi....WARGLE BARGLE!!!!

Oh dear, there goes a meme:

Who are the drug smugglers running illicit contraband across the US-Mexico border? According to a new study of by the Center for Investigative Reporting, they're mostly Americans. 

CIR combed arrest records surrounding over 80,000 drug seizures from 2005 to 2011 and found that a full 80 percent of the arrests in which there was data available involved at least one American citizen.


jimmiraybob said...

Of course, now that the TeaBirchPublicans know this, they'll likely reverse course and switch to a job creation strategy in defense of hard working American entrepreneurs. Anybody notice if Uncle Rusty's been hanging out at border crossings?

NonyNony said...

Well duh. The risk/reward factor is much, much better for citizens of the USA than non-citizens. Especially post-9/11 where there's always a risk that a foreign national caught smuggling something illegal into the country might get blasted with a "providing material aid to terrorists" charge and not be able to fight it.

pansypoo said...


Anonymous said...

I doubt this will change a thing for the anti-immigrant crowd since the vast majority of those Americans can be written off as "anchor babies" (with the subtype of "ciminal", no less) regardless of whether or not they or their families actually live in the US.

A large percentage of Mexicans under 30 within a day's drive of the US border have American citizenship--and this population is specifically targeted for recruitment by the cartels for their ability to actually cross the border.