Wednesday, October 30, 2013

America October 2013

Hey, it's me "your Boss".

We're going to have to cut your hours indefinitely, but hey, today you can dress up in a silly costume.

And we are getting rid of our health insurance plans for non-essential employees, and guess what you are?   But hey, today and maybe even tomorrow, feel fee to dress up as the Hulk, as long as you don't smash.

And your annual bonus, will not be paid, for the seventh annual year.   But you do a great Snow White.

In addition, remember that cutting your hours thing we talked about above?  Yeeeeeaaah, we are simply changing those to "volunteer time" where we passively-aggressively ask you to stay late and come in on the weekends...if you'd like to keep working here.   But hey, you'll occasionally get a T-shirt, and the rest of this week, until casual Friday, you can dress up as Walter White (but not Miley Cyrus).

Thanks for being a relatively valuable member of our team.

Have a nice day, that Batman outfit isn't pathetic at all.

Your Boss


StonyPillow said...

Get used to the new normal.

pansypoo said...

time for the 20 hour week.

and CEO pay limits.