Friday, October 11, 2013

Behold the genius

I know, hard to believe that this:

According to the Washington Examiner, Ted Cruz held a closed-door lunch meeting on Wednesday during which he claimed that his plan to defund Obamacare through a government shutdown had placed the GOP in a politically advantageous position.

Turns out to be wrong...

The Republican Party has been "badly damaged" by the government shutdown, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Thursday evening, which finds public opinion souring on the GOP and some of its core positions.

Americans blamed Republicans over President Barack Obama for the shutdown by a margin of 22 percentage points, with 53 percent saying the GOP deserved more blame, and 31 percent saying Obama did. Approval ratings for the Republican Party and the tea party were at 24 percent and 21 percent respectively -- both record lows as measured by NBC/WSJ.


Montag said...

Somehow, I don't think this is going to be enough to really queer the True Believers on either the GOP or the Tea Party, at least not long enough for it to matter.

This is all happening thirteen months before the next election, and Fox and Limpballs have almost 395 days to do what they do best--keep on spinning horseshit into electoral gold. They'll double down on primarying the GOPers that haven't gone full bull-goose loony and the dumb fuckers that will believe anything will line up to vote for `em.

The GOP went completely off the rails for six years between 1994 and 2000, and still managed to get the vote close enough in 2000 for Bush and his partner in crime to steal that election.

It's always a good thing to see these assholes get hoisted on their own petards, but they always bounce back. Reports of their death are always premature.

pansypoo said...

butbutbut people love it in texass.

Athenawise said...

I'm with you, Montag. These people have the survival power of Twinkies and cockroaches after a nuclear war.