Friday, October 04, 2013

Consider the Source

This is from the American Conservative...wha????
They are a barking-mad pack of ideologues, is what they are. I haven’t written much about the Obamacare thing because I don’t follow policy closely. As far as I know, Obamacare is a bad idea. But here’s the thing: it’s the law. It was passed, signed by the president, and upheld in the Supreme Court. There is no way the House Republicans, or Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, is going to overturn it. The best they can do is to delay it. And then what? Guess what: the 2012 elections were their last, best chance to overturn Obamacare, and the country didn’t go for it. There are other battles to fight. These guys are taking the government and the economy to the brink of crisis, and for what? For the sake of rebel yells and the Lost Cause?
...and I bet he'll still end up voting Republican.


Montag said...

Hmm. When a certified (and certifiable) wingnut like Dreher says, "[t]here are other battles to fight," he probably means returning Christian biblical law to government.

This is not so much a call to sanity as it is a fit of pique that no one's paying attention to the particular hobby horse Dreher's riding at the moment.

StonyPillow said...

The delightful sound of a crunchy con being crunched. It's all in the texture.

MarkC said...

Great read, Montag.

jimmiraybob said...

A lil sumpin sumpin from Charles P. Pierce at Esquire @

”There are two basic philosophical foundation stones to ratfucking.

”The first is that political sabotage for its own sake is a worthy enough goal. There doesn't necessarily have to be an obvious purpose or obvious logic behind it. Everything is simply tactics.

”The second basic philosophical tenet of ratfucking is that it is essentially bullying. It is essentially about ridicule and deceit as ends in themselves.”

Now, whatever you do, do not Google “Rat King.” But if you do, and you know someone looking for some graphic imagery to accompany posts about the Boehner House, NeoConfederate, John Birch Society, Bring-Down-The-Gubmint, Norquist’s-bathtub, Teahadist insurgency, please pass along.

pansypoo said...

the unintended consequences of creating gerrymandered saftey seats.

just as a rite wing channel + hate radio only makes the party smaller.