Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh happy day

As some readers may remember, I've been walking and walking (90 to 100 miles a week) the last eight months or so now and accompanying the walk have always been podcasts...mostly on four topics:  comedy, history, sports, and science.

But the best one, the one I look forward to the most is this one.

Best history podcast out there, maybe simply the best podcast out there...and the newest one just came out.

I have about 60 or so different podcasts in my i-Tunes que, but what do you listen to?

Suggestions appreciated, though I may already have the one you're thinking of in the list.


Sevenless said...

I'm currently a fan of Probably Science, which combines comedy and a modest amount of science, along with occasional forays into history.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to 'The Partially Examined Life.'

So far so good.

pansypoo said...

i listen to NPR. i miss talk of the nation. but i do not do ear buds!!!

homunq said...

Old standards:

This American life, The Moth, Science Friday... the classics

Planet Money... occasionally you have to shout at them for their "conventional wisdom" bias, but it's like reading The Economist; even when they're wrong, you learn something.

PRI's The World... best news podcast I've found

BBC documentaries... great grab-bag

Other outstanding:

China history podcast
Development Drums

Worthwhile filler:
Stuff you should know
Escape Pod // Podcastle
Brain science podcast