Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Projection has always been a strength of the modern GOP:
Speaker John Boehner rallied his troops this morning at a closed-door conference meeting at the Capitol. Democrats are trying to “annihilate us,” he told his members. “We can get through this if we stick together.”
Yeah, amazing how that 12th dimensional chess works...secret is for Obama not to play it apparently.

And remember, let's see four days ago, when Boehner tearfully proclaimed "THIS IS NOT A GAME!"?

About that:
The Ohio Republican added that a “grand bargain” is off the table. What he wants is something that “builds on the gains we’ve made over the past three years, puts points on the board, and doesn’t raise taxes.”

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DanF said...

They see America paying her bills without playing political games as "Surrender." Sweet Jesus. Gone is even the pretext of we're all in this together.

pansypoo said...

of course its us vs them. destroying us is just fine.

kingweasil said...

the idle rich playing their games