Thursday, October 24, 2013

But if they use their "gun safe" how are they supposed to shoot the people coming to steal their guns?

Moron Congressperson and her moron husband have moronic incident and ... FREEDOM!

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers’ husband reported an AR-15 rifle stolen from the family’s home in Dunn last week, according to a police report.

The weapon had been left leaning against a gun locker in an unlocked garage on Kingsway Drive, the report said.

The rifle, a gun case and a GPS, with a cumulative value of $1,100, were reported stolen, according to Chief J.D. Pope. Police think the theft happened on the night of Oct. 15.

“According to the report, they had been out target shooting and brought the gun back and leaned it against the gun safe,” Pope said. “ … The garage door was left unsecured, according to the report.”
Geniuses, truly.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe some kid will exercise his second amendment rights by taking it to school and shooting the teacher.


MarkC said...

They they need to protect thei gun locker by planting land mines under the floor of their garage

Brian M said...

Hmmm. I will pose the question in your post title to the Gun Gollums I work with!

pansypoo said...

can they be charged w/ aiding + abetting it its used in a crime

WallytheWineGuy said...

You can pry my gun from my cold, unlocked garage. - C. Heston-