Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We have gone past the singularity into the event horizon of full derpitude

I guess even the densest of the right-wing's usual apologist only have extreme irony left.

Yes, of all the people to ask that question. Hard to believe that it took until now for her to ask whether the Party being controlled by a bunch of homophobic immigrant hating creationists who think Obama was born in Kenya have only NOW shut down their brains. But then again, she's Megan McArdle and thankfully you are not.

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Montag said...

That's coming from an expert on brain shutdown.

Anonymous said...

Thus sayeth the spokesperson from Koch Industries.
It's a hopeful sign.

Anonymous said...

And ZerObama shut down his conscience, circa 2008.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shutting down your brain is an absolute prerequisite to being a Republican.